End Institutionalized Bullying in Schools

Institutionalized Bullying is...

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One day after school, my friends and I went to get some bubble tea which was only 10 minutes away from my school. After getting my drink and walking back, I tripped, spilled the bubble tea all over me and got dirt all over my hands. I also ended up getting cut and blood was gushing out of the side of my wrist. We decided to go back to school because we know there’s staff in the building. It was also the closest destination because I live an hour and a half away so by the time I would get home, it could get infected. When we enter, the head School Safety Agent (SSA) sees me bleeding and crying and tells us to leave immediately. She kept yelling at me and questioning why I didn’t go home and blaming me for falling. She refused to let me clean my hands and continued to yell. The assistant principal came down and told me to contact my parents. I called my dad and he’s questioning me because he’s worried and his job isn’t very lenient with hours but he decided to come get me so he didn't get paid that day. While I was talking to my dad, the assistant principal started yelling at me for being on the call for “too long” so the head SSA said "take the phone away from her”. The assistant principal also said “they’re not even speaking English.” It was made even worse because the nurse also refused to help me clean my hand and offer bandages because her shift was over. When she was forced to, she kept complaining and blaming me for the entire situation.